Having a broad perspective as a Counsellor, I believe that Counselling is purposefully arising from the intention of an individual, couple or families. It is about overcoming life’s challenges and actively finding ways to go through the counselling process together. As a counsellor, my focus is on the client’s personal strengths and resources, by enhancing the person to live a life that is most meaningful and satisfying.

The counselling approaches I use during sessions are based on Carl Rogers’ self-concept theory, cognitive behaviour therapy, techniques of play and solution-focused brief therapy however not limited to the aforementioned approaches. As a counsellor, it is vital to be aware of each client and to utilize the most suitable framework that makes sense, in consort with the cultural resources to achieve satisfactory resolutions.

“Bloom where you are. Bloom despite the weeds and grow tall and beautiful anyway. Bloom right where you are even if you wish you were elsewhere. Take in all of the light when the sun is shining and know that the rain is necessary when it’s not. Know that everything you need to bloom is inside of you – you already have the strength and capability to grow. Nourish yourself. Take care of your body and grow your mind. Bloom into who you are meant to be”.

– Walk the Earth